Yoga for a better bedtime

March 16, 2012
by Heidi Kyser

Recommended read for a belated occasion

Yoga is different things to different people, but I am unaware of any style of practice that encourages emotional insecurity, and the basic tenet of ahimsa (non-harming) precludes destruction of the body, such as anorexic starvation. Continue reading

February 29, 2012
by Heidi Kyser
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All the time for yoga

People frequently ask me how often they should do yoga, and for how long each time. “How much do you practice?” they ask. What a rich question. The obvious answer – one I’ve heard in workshops and teacher trainings – … Continue reading

July 26, 2010
by Heidi Kyser

The Lotus in the Desert

The lotus blossom’s rise from the muck where it’s grounded is rife with figurative potential. It’s easy to see in it the human spirit’s ability to triumph over lowly circumstances and produce beauty. Continue reading

March 19, 2010
by Heidi Kyser

Embracing the unknown

I’ve seen people who thought they were too old, scared or stiff to ever turn upside down on their hands clap with elation after their first attempted adho mukha vrksasana. Continue reading

November 2, 2009
by Heidi Kyser

What Scares You?

In my classes this week, we explored the role of fear in our yoga practice and how it may translate to the fear we experience off the mat. Continue reading

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